Alexander Arnold Wants To Be The Captain Of Reds

Alexander Arnold Wants To Be The Captain Of Reds


Trent Alexander Arnold wishes to be the captain of Liverpool football team when in the future and wants to have the same ambitiousness as that of Lionel Messi mad Cristiano Ronaldo. He is young and has plenty of time with him as he is looking forward to becoming one of the top right back of football. His current intentionis on becoming the leading player of the club and have become one of the finest right back in Premier League.

Alexander Arnold is one of the finest footballers who has stepped out from Liverpool’s youth academy. He has made good progress as a player and has been a contributor in the victory of Champions League and Premier League title. He will be continuing to achieve everything as in such a young age he has adopted the mentality of the top two players Messi and Ronaldo.

The English footballer in a talk with Telegraph said that the strong ambition to become the captain of Liverpool is the motivation for him every day. It’s something he had wanted to achieve and know it is not in his hands but if he couldn’t achieve it by the end of his career he will be certainly unhappy.

The 21-year-old said that he wants to set an example for the younger generation who is coming up. As a captain he will be able to lead the team through tough times and through this he can motivate the fellowyoung players too. He said that as an athlete it is quite natural players to have ambition and goals.

“For the last two seasons, that ambition was to win the biggest trophy so far as Liverpool are concerned, which is the Premier League. Coming close last year was tough. Next season will be the same. It is a natural reaction for us as players to keep pushing to achieve what others have not done,” said Arnold.