Is the Title Chase Over?

When people ask about the Premier League title and think about who’s going to win it, some are wondering if the title is already dusted. When you look at an amazing win and game like the Leicester game at Stadium of Light versus Sunderland, many wonder if the game has already been decided.

This victory versus Sunderland came in thanks to Jamie Vardy Strikes and it put them at a staggering seven points ahead of their foe Tottenham. Both teams have exactly five games left and this will be a huge deciding factor in exactly who’s going to be ahead of who in the Premier League lineups.

So many are wondering at this point in time, is the race over and does anyone really have a chance at the moment? When we look at the Foxes, they have a very tough four games ahead of them as they face off against Manchester United, Chelsea and West Ham – tickets for the Manchester United match are going at over £1000 according to this link. However, it doesn’t matter much as they still have to face off against Southampton and the Blues as well.

Tottenham only has one real hope of remaining in this race. Tottenham ideally needs Leicester to basically mess up their next few games if they want to remain in this race. The Hammers however haven’t had a bad season themselves and they’ve shown that they can prove themselves as well. They haven’t exactly faced off against the easiest teams or games. They’ve shown time and time again that they can actually come around to win games when down at a huge disadvantage.

This is because Slaven Bilic is an amazing manager who’s great at leading a team. He even made sure to see some away wins versus Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City but he’s going to have his hands full against the Foxes if they keep up their current form.