Ageless England striker Jermaine Defoe left last season’s relegation victims Sunderland for top flight side Bournemouth and former Arsenal centre back Martin Keown believes the 34-year old would be an old wine of inspiration for the Cherries side.

Speaking on Defoe’s incredible old wine tasting better tale, Martin commended the “sharpness to Jermaine Defoe’s play that he has always had,” pointing out that the former Tottenham Hotspur striker remains “hungry” and wants to “keep proving that point.”

As for his role in the dressing room Keown has no doubt about the positive atmosphere the former Portsmouth man’s presence will bestow on the younger players. “Eventually, I think it will get the better of him, but let’s take a look at him after the first two or three games. They have got a good man in the camp there. You get inspired by people around you and everyone wants to see Defoe in action.”

Apart from the said positivity that will come along with the Premier League journey man, goals – even crucial ones – will also make the cut alongside the list of Defoe-factors that will be witnessed by Dean Court’s stands. Last season saw him score 15 goals just like he did the upper one and with another double figure looking likely to be reached in Bournemouth’s colours, manager Eddie Howe cheeks must be beaming with smiles as such a number can go a long way to decide how the league standing might become the season ending.

However, Coach Eddie Howe was wise enough to suggest not overusing the veteran hinting at a rotating policy to enable him perform at his optimal best. It didn’t take long with the coach starting the policy as early as the Cherries first match against West Bromwich Albion as Defoe started on the bench. Speaking after the match, Howe maintained that he “thought it was the right decision to put him on the bench.”

One team who could do with Defoe’s striking prowess is Totteham Hotspur, with their latest target Mateo Kovacic said to be heading to Juventus instead of Spurs after an abysmal showing by Tottenham’s transfers board. Whilst they started off in May as the second favourites for the title, they have now drifted to being the 6th favourites – register with Netbet to keep track of the latest odds.

The White Hart Lane occupants had a tremendous run last season but appear to be setting themselves into a position that will see them lose their best footballers that Coach Pochettino had patiently stocked layer by layer since his arrival.

Making their situation much worse is the fact that their rivals have all made significant additions capable of swaying the final standings of the coming season back to what it used to look like before the emergence of surprises like Leicester and statement-makers like Spurs. Mourinho has wasted no time in bettering his fortunes by adding Lindelof, Lukaku and Matic to his ranks while his direct footballing enemy who also happens to be his neighbour, Guardiola has had an undeniably busy summer.

Even tight-grippers like Arsene Wenger has gone through the trouble of convincing Alexandre Lacazette and Kolasinic to join the Gunners while at the same time neutralizing the perpetual chess moves of Alexis Sanchez and his agent.

Only time will time of just how deep this mess of a transfer window will come back to bite Mr. Levy’s enterprise. They kick off their campaign next Sunday against Newcastle United.