David Ginola is one of the well-recognised names in English football. He represented the likes of Newcastle United and Tottenham in a stellar career. The French winger will be making a return to English football, but this time as a presenter. BT have been one of the big entrants to the Premier league this season. They have been able to make a bid of close to £ 1 billion for the televised matches, which is the biggest threat Sky has seen since the inception of the Premier league more than two decades ago. They have already brought in former Manchester United and Liverpool striker Michael Owen as one of the presenters.

Ginola will be joining the striker, who retired from football at the end of last season. The likes of David James are also on the list of the television company, which hopes to become a serious threat to Sky. Sky have seen this threat and have decided to take action by choosing to use their first refusal advantage when it comes to live television matches in the first 20 weeks of the season itself. Sky will be broadcasting most of the Manchester United and Chelsea matches in the first few weeks. Despite this, Ginola and co certainly seem here to stay.

“I am incredibly happy to be joining BT and to be part of the fantastic line-up from the start. I trust that the viewers and sports fans are as excited as I am about this new channel, which promises a different approach to sports broadcasting,” said Ginola. “We are really delighted to have secured David Ginola to be one of our football experts. Every football fan knows that David was one of the most talented players in Premier League history, and he has proved to be one of the most accomplished broadcasters since hanging up his boots,” said BT director, Simon Green.