Sky Sports Launches Dedicated Channel

Sky Sports has launched a dedicated channel for European football coverage. Sky Sports 5 will be coming along with the package without any extra cost. This will be providing the user with all forms of European football like Euro 2016 qualifying matches, Champions League, Spanish league, and Copa del Rey along with the numerous of the matches as well. For the first time, British users will be able to watch the Dutch Eredivisie on Sky Sports 5. The channel intends to show matches involving top teams like Feyenoord, PSV Eindhoven, Ajax, and FC Twente.

Sky Sports has been facing intense competition from BT sports in recent months. BT sports recently managed to get the rights for the Champions League from the next season onwards. In order to cope with the extra pressure, sky see this new channel as an alternative. It remains to be seen how they will schedule the matches once the Champions League rights go away to BT sports. The competition between these two giants has seen television money increase rapidly. Premier League clubs recently registered a huge increase in the television money compared to last season.

Even the team that finished bottom of the table got £ 60 million and in addition to the parachute payments that they will receive over the next four years. “Sky Sports 5 takes our unrivalled live football coverage to the next level offering more European football than ever before.  There’s never been a better time to be a Sky Sports customer and with two years’ free totally unlimited broadband, we offer the ultimate package for sports fans,” said the managing director of Sky Sports. “Sky Sports 5 will offer all the drama and excitement that European football has to offer and I’ll certainly be gripped,” said brand ambassador David Beckham about the new channel.

Cardiff City Earns More Than Manchester United

Despite finishing bottom of the table, it has been revealed that Cardiff city have earned more television money than former champions Manchester United did last season. For winning the Premier league title last campaign, Manchester United received just over £ 60 million in television revenue. This has been just overtaken by Cardiff, who finished bottom of the table this campaign. Figures released by the Premier league show that football on TV has become more popular than ever. Cardiff managed to pocket £ 62.1 million in the season.

This would be of major influence to them next season as they aim to come back to the Premier league in the first instance. This television money will be significantly greater than that enjoyed by the championship clubs against whom they will be competing next season. Cardiff were not the only team to enjoy record revenues from the television companies. The new Premier league deal, which is just over £ 3 billion for a three-year period, has also helped the top clubs record incredible turnovers as well.

Liverpool were the biggest winners because of this deal as they pocketed £ 42.7 million more than they did last season. In fact, they have managed to finish the season with more television money than champions Manchester City because of being shown as part of three more live games.

Liverpool had the most televised appearances last season, as they made an incredible 28 live games. This was primarily due to the title challenge, which went down to the last day of the season. Liverpool failed to win any major trophy, but they will now be able to enjoy even more revenue when they take part in the Champions League group stages next season. Chelsea are the second highest earners with an increase of £ 39.1 million compared to last season.