More Football Matches to be Telecaste on Television soon

The Premier League and the Major League Soccer both will be looking to expand their exposure in television by having more matches televised and broadcasted by more channels in 2015.

The Premier League is working on introducing regular Friday night live matches and have a total 168 live matches available per season for a fan to be able to watch on their household.

Even some major technology companies such as: Apple and Youtube are believed to be thinking about bidding to buy digital rights for matches where they could have the liberty of uploading certain matches to their online platforms.

Meanwhile on the MLS, the 2015 will be bringing a new level of exposure of football to the United States which is not considered to be one of the biggest or most influential sports in the country. Univision, ESPN and Fox are all of the networks that will get an exclusive national broadcast window each weekend as they all signed a $720 million rights deal with the American League which starts on 2015.

The matches that are going to be broadcasted by the Univision network will have the chance of being viewed in English and Spanish as well as this increases the amount of audience that would be interested in sitting at home and watch their favorite club playing in the MLS.

This is the first time ever that Univision has ever had streaming rights to its MLS broadcasts as well as being the first time that Univision is going to be production their own broadcasts from their own site instead of having a feed produced by a simultaneous local broadcast.

Next year, ESPN will also have online streaming rights to every MLS game which is not broadcasted national in United States and this allows fans from across America to be able to watch matches through the website of ESPN and a number of their applications.