Vocherbox did an analysis of Premier League clubs looking at which sides had the the value for money entertainment.

They considered the average ticket prices of all teams, and the goals’ return home and away.

Arsenal sat at the bottom of that list as the team scored 39 goals at home and netted 16 goals away but with an average ticket price of £1513.5, fans might not get as much value for their money. The fans’ disappointment in Arsene Wenger’s stay rose to a high until he delivered another life saver in winning the FA Cup. However, that is a different matter.

Tottenham continued their fine form of late as they finished behind Chelsea. However, their home goal tally of 47 at home and just nine away makes it 56 in all. With average ticket price of £1,330 they follow the Gunners closely.

Manchester United is not far off as they scored 26 goals at home and netted 12 away. Ticket prices of £741 meant they delivered less in value for money entertainment. And then Southampton, West Ham and Chelsea respectively. Stamford Bridge witnessed 55 goals and then Antonio Conte’s men scored 17 away but the average tocket price of £1,000 sunk them in the ratings despite winning the league.

Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Crystal Palace, Manchester City, Bournemouth, Burnley, Leicester City, Watford, Everton, Stoke and West Brom follow in that order. Hull City, Swansea and Sunderland had ticket prices hovering around £420 and the away goals helped them offer fans entertainment, even though it may be painful seeing the ball enter their own net.

The analysis seeks to consider why teams offered their fans the best entertainment for coming out to see the game live instead of watching it at home or reading/hearing the reports. It is about witnessing a goal live and less about which net the ball ended up.