Robert Huth wants Leicester City to forget about last season

The 2015-16 season of the Premier League was a historic one as Leicester City was able to secure their first league title ever.

They had never achieved this feat in the history of the club but with Claudio Ranieri at the helm as the head coach and a superb season of Jamie Vardy as he scored 24 goals were some of the key reasons which helped Leicester City in becoming the champions of England during that season.

Unfortunately for Leicester City, they have experienced a huge dip in form as the team of Claudio Ranieri went from being the champions of England to dropping into the bottom section of the Premier League as they are struggling just to survive in the top tier English League.

After 25 Premier League matches, Leicester City is positioned at the 17th spot with 21 points secured and are threatened to be relegated in this season. Claudio Ranieri and his men are going from being in the top of the Premier League to the bottom and Robert Huth has recently voiced his thoughts about what his teammates should start to do as it might help Leicester City in their quest of avoiding the relegation zone.

“We need to get on with now rather than saying: ‘Last year was great. It’s reality. We are struggling with relegation. “We’re losing games and we can’t put our fingers on how or why. We fully deserved what we got last season, and it was always going to be a struggle after what happened, but we didn’t think we would be in this position. For you to become better you need to be honest. You can’t say you’ve been brilliant when you haven’t.”

This was the statement released by Leicester City’s Robert Huth as he said that his comrades should forget about their past achievements and simply focus on the present, not try to get distracted in any way as they are currently struggling just to survive and what matters now is what they are able to accomplish right now, not what they did in the past.