What to Look Forward to in Premier League 2023?

What to Look Forward to in Premier League 2023?


Every year the much-awaited Premier League season starts in the first month of the year. There are more than two seasons in most years that help define leader board positions of several English football teams. If we look at the 2022-23 season, it is the 31st season of this tournament. Among the top flight English football tournaments, it heralds the start of the 124th season.

Last season saw Manchester City as the defending champions, both for 2020-21 and for the 2021-22 seasons. There have been certain changes made to the tournament game setup this time. For instance, clubs can make at least five substitutions this time, which increased from three. Clubs playing can make substitutions in players three times during in-game sessions. Additionally, they can make substitutions during halftime as well.

The 2022 season was interrupted by the FIFA World Cup that was held in Qatar. There were also postponements in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. As a result, matches due between the 10th to 12th of September 2022 were postponed. There were also policing issues around the late majesty’s funeral for which matches scheduled between the 17th and 18th of September were postponed again.

Teams that compete this year include seventeen top teams as per the previous season’s results. Three teams have also been promoted from Championship rounds Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest, and Fulham. These teams will be participating after being absent from the top-tier positions for a long time. For instance, Nottingham Forest has been part of the Premiere League about twenty-three years ago. This season makes Nottingham’s absence from Premier League the longest yet. These clubs will be coming in place of teams that have been relegated last season Norwich City, Watford, and Burnley.

Since last season’s games were interrupted towards the second part of the year, fans can look forward to those matches early part of January 2023. The first game of Nottingham Forest will be versus Southampton which will be in the first week of January 2023. The same day will see West Ham United playing Leeds United. Thursday of the first week of 2023 will also see Aston Villa playing Wolverhampton Wanderers and Crystal Palace playing Tottenham Hotspur.